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Ground Floor Layout Design
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Citimall (5)
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Ground Floor Layout Design
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-About Citimall

It is a cluster of shops/outlets under one edifice, strategically built to serve as a unique marketing hub for all categories of buyers

Who Are Behind Citimall?

The Principal Partner and driver of the Project is AIBEN Properties Ltd in conjunction with all would-be shop owners at the Mall.

Brief On Aiben

AIBEN Properties Ltd is a reputable development company with over 15 housing estate projects spread across Lagos, Abuja, Katsina and Enugu and the latest being the first Gulf estate in Abuja located at KARMO District. The company is a subsidiary of AIBEN Group, which has a vast interest in Consultancy Services, Media, Real Estate and Hospitality.

What Informed Citimall On Airport Road?

Within the vicinity of the proposed Mall are over 200 estates and still counting, a newly tarred major access road; an increasingly growing number of home seekers and residents, yet with no mall within reach. Hence the need for one to serve residents and visitors at large.

Our Business Model

The concept is to build a state-of -the-art functional MALL where would-be partners buy off the spaces while AIBEN, the developer and management company, promotes the Mall and then connect every shop owner on a digital platform (On-line) to online shoppers while providing logistics for product/service deliveries. Thereby creating a formidable sales platform, both physical and online, for shop owners.

Why You Should Buy Now

To catch-in on the low price and  to also have the opportunity of registering your preferred business as the Mall will only permit same business/services by only two shops within the Mall. This is to disallow unhealthy competition.

Management /Developer

AIBEN will build and continually maintain the Mall for functionality, 24hrs/7days, all through the year. Plan well ahead and ensure uninterrupted Power supply while making sure all other essential services listed in the agreement are delivered.

-12 Frequently Asked Questions About Citimall

The land has a Right of Occupancy, Building Plan Approval and URP Land Use Confirmation. 

An allocation letter from AIBEN Properties Ltd. And a lease of agreement capturing all the terms and conditions.

As soon as the mall is ready on or before 1st of April, 2021.

You are always in control. You decide your stay and exit. What is more reassuring is that AIBEN is with you all the way, not just selling spaces, but ensure you have great returns by enhancing your sales capacity via our would-be highly publicized online platform.

As a shop owner, you are at liberty to sell or rent your shop at a price that suits you best. You would only be required to notify AIBEN and ensure such persons renting or buying signs the Mall’s T&Cs.

AIBEN shall be responsible for internal fault repair as covered in the T&Cs. You will however have to pay for such things not captured in the T&Cs example broken bulbs

For effective running of the Mall, each shop will pay #5,000 per Sqm yearly. This will cover costs of Promotions/Adverts, Water Supply, Powering of common facilities, Security, Cleaning, Wifi etc. The cost may however increase in future due to inflation or rise in diesel cost.

Every outlets will have a prepaid meter from PHCN. And, No, you cant have your generator set because the Mall will have two central sound proof generators of 250KVA each, which will be metered by AIBEN. So shop owners can pay according to their consumptions or needs. However, common areas e.g Parking Lots, Security House, Operational rooms, Outside Shop light, will be powered by AIBEN as part of facility.

AIBEN will provide a huge budget to consistently run adverts on billboards, prints, electronic and social media to promote the mall. This is part of the proposed fees.

Yes, the developer is working on modalities that will enable side attractions like Cinema and children amusement centre incorporated in the Mall. This will attract families and others especially at festive periods to the Mall. Thereby increasing traffic around the Mall.

Yes, the mall has designated spaces for banks, eateries, pharmacies stores etc. In addition, it has an ATM center. 

Security will be outsourced to renowned security companies, security props includes 360° CCTV Cameras, Vehicle e-tags, flood lights, walkie talkies etc. And above all, a police outpost will be situated close to the mall.

-Price & Payments

N500,000 per SQM (Ground floor)

N400,000 per SQM (First floor)

Including VAT

Outright Payment attracts 5% discount. (7.5% for existing Aiben and Tianvine subscribers)

Installment payment attracts minimum of 30% down payment ( The balance is spread over six months)


A unique mult-functional building that combines 75 commercial outlets and 45 suites. A contemporary mall that has all its services centralised with 24hours operations. It is indeed an edifice to behold.

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