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We have estates in Five States across Nigeria with over 30 full-time staff and over 150 contract staffs; we are member of the Real Estate Developers Association Since 2014. Our clientele base consists of upstanding Nigerians across several sectors including Top Civil Servants, Politicians and Executives of several Multinational Companies

Aiben is a world class brand that operates on the best global practices in real estate development. It is a pacesetter, a company of integrity. Aiben has performed above my expectations especially in terms of infrastructure development. We woke up one morning to discover that Aiben has started tarring the road that led to the estate I don’t regret my investment with Aiben. Thank You

Samuel Madogema

Emerald Gardens
One thing I can say is Aiben is one of the unique developer in Abuja

Macaulay Adekunle

Biltmore Garden Estate
I had grown skeptical and weary of estate developers in Abuja prior to meeting with Aiben. My past experience was horrible, and I had lost considerable investments. Aiben changed all of that. I have not only invested in Aiben estates, but I have introduced over 9 colleagues who now have investments in Aiben. With Aiben you can build an investment portfolio that will stand the Times.

Dr Adewale

Ambassadors Villa
I became a proud house owner in the first week of 2021, thanks to AIBEN. I have purchased landed properties from other dubious estate developers in the past which were later re-sold to other people by the same developers. However, the moment I subscribed to the AIBEN Biltmore Gardens Estate landed properties in 2018 , I felt a powerful confirmation from within my spirit that I have made the right choice. And today, that right choice had made me a proud landlord in the city of Abuja. I now look forward to further business engagement with AIBEN.


Biltmore Garden Estate
My experience with Aiben has been fantastic. Aiben has proven to be genuine and thereby keeping to their promises, doing the due diligence you would even know cause they always have over subscribers. Imagine selling out fast within weeks of opening a site I tell you it can only happen because they’re good and true to their promises. Also Aiben is very busy and not stagnant unlike other property company.

Ibikunle Abiola

Biltmore Garden’s Estate
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